Thursday, April 28, 2011

Flash Forward

As some of you I'm sure have noticed I didn't draw the recently released Flash #11. I'm disappointed that I didn't get to finish this story arc. However, in order to get the last 2 issues out before Flashpoint they had to be done in an impossible time frame that there was no way I could do it without the work suffering. Talking to my editors we felt it wasn't the right situation for me, and that we should begin developing my next project. That said, I will state on the record that I've never had an issue with turning in my work and editorial has never had a problem with me. I may have stumbled a bit out of the gate as I was on the road filming during my first 3-4 issues of the Flash, but with the lead time we had we were able to avoid any major delays. I take my normal 4-5 weeks to pencil, ink, and watercolor a book which is the standard time everybody gets just to pencil it. Much of the delays were due to the multiple stops and starts in the work process that is completely out of my hands. Hopefully I won't have to address this issue again, but I just felt the need to clarify to try and avoid further vilification.

Moving forward my next project at DC is in the works. I'm EXTREMELY EXCITED about it, and my editors enthusiasm and endless support has been great! I've been developing it with my collaborator and editorial soon after my last issue of the Flash. Hopefully if all goes well, we can get started on doing the new book in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime I've done a few covers for Flashpoint as well as other DC titles, I also ended up contributing 5 pages for Flash 12 to help close out the series.

I'm so jazzed about the future and my next project, I think a lot of people will be too. I appreciate the fans that's stuck with me through this time and patiently waited. I really feel that the best is yet to come, and that 2011 will be an even bigger year for me. Thanks for reading!



Mark said...

If people had been paying close attention to your interviews over the past year they'd know this to be the case already. You've said on multiple occasions things like "while I was waiting for the next script, I had time to do this project, or that cover."

If people had been paying close attention to your interviews over the past few years they'd remember things like that you would do cramming drawing sessions to get your issues of Adventure Comics out on time. That you would sleep 2 hours during the filming of Beast Legends so that you could get your Flash pages done. That your new style has increased your speed at which you get pages done. If they had been paying attention, they'd know that you are nothing if not professional when it comes to your comic art and your deadlines.

And that's why I fought like crazy every time I heard someone suggest that the delays on Flash were your fault. In regards to the Flash, the only thing that was your fault was how stunning each issue was. I'll miss you on my favorite title, it was a pleasure.

Francis Manapul said...

thanks Mark, I'm glad someone was reading. It astounds me how my words can be interpreted other wise. I understand that in most cases of late books the artists if the first to blame. But I've never even dodged the question I've faced it head on. I'm glad that you've been reading the interviews and know what I mean. Thanks for you support!

John Ray Catingub said...

Congratulations on becoming the writer/artist on September's Flash reboot, Mr. Manapul! I'm looking forward to reading what you have to offer and seeing the artwork that will result. It's very nice to see a Filipino-Canadian such as your self held in such great regard in the comic industry.

Anonymous said...

That is all we are hearing...nurses and Rite Aid?