Sunday, November 30, 2008

Commission Info

Update Dec 2, 2008: Thanks guys and gals for the great response I've reached my cap and am closing the list. I'll make sure to let you all know the next time I open it up again. Thanks again!

Hey folks ok here's the deal. I'm finished with Legion of Superheroes and have a bit of down time before I start my next project so I'll be opening up a limited amount of commissions for one week. How many? I'm not sure. We'll take names and I'll chip away at the list and see how far we can go before I need to stop. I'll get as many done as I can, however if I don't get it done by the time my next project starts I won't be able to carry a list forward (sorry about that). With regards to the price it will be $350 USD for one character with minimal background and an additional $75USD for an extra character which I will cap at 4 max (keep in mind the size constraint of the image space so the more characters you want the smaller they'll be in order to fit them in). Full payment will be expected once we've let you know that I'll be starting your commission (basically we'll put your name on the list and when I've accepted the commission and am about to begin work you will be informed of the status and payment will be requested). The art will be done on 11"x14" smooth bristol and I'll be doing it in black and white ink with gray tone washes. With regards to the subject matter I would prefer it be well known established characters. And to be quite honest I will more than likely cherry pick the ones that appeal to me most. Lastly I will retain rights to the image (basically if I want to put in a sketch book or something I would like to do so at my discretion. If we do, we'll send you a free copy :) ) With regards to shipping cost that will be at your expense see the info below. To request a commission email Shawn with the heading "COMMISSION REQUEST" at Anyways thats it and thank you so much for you patronage.

Also here are some other technical mumbo jumbo:

Samples from the last batch of commissions Francis did:

: Payment

* International U.S.P.S. Money Orders (the pink ones, NOT GREEN)
* Canada Post Money Order in US funds
* Bank Draft or Money Order from a Canadian or US bank in US Funds
* American Express Traveller's Cheques

:: Shipping

* Shipping costs are added to the price of your commission
* Artwork is shipped from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
* All items are shipped securely between two pieces of masonite via ExpressPost. (ExpressPost offers tracked and insurable service within Canada and the U.S.A.)
* Please refer to the following pricing including insurance to the full value:
o Canada $17.50 USD
o U.S.A. $25.00 USD

Francis Manapul, Kalman Andrasofszky, Adrian Alphona, Alvin Lee and Rob Ross, Valentine De Landro and Devil's Due Publishing
Original Artwork For Sale at:

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Legion 48 preview

The book should be out on the stands today so here's a little sampling. At the moment I'm currently finishing up the last couple pages of my last issue so it's bittersweet. I am excited about whats to come next as I will be doing inks and wash for my next project. A bit nervous about it but with the overwhelming support from DC and my forthcoming collaborator I've never been more eager to start!