Sunday, September 04, 2011

Forge ahead!

Come September 28, 2011, I embark on an amazing journey as the co-writer and artist on The New 52 relaunch of The Flash for DC Comics. To say I'm beyond exhilarated is an understatement. With me for the ride is my co-writer and color artist Brian Buccellato. In the spirit of brevity and speed I'll just let these interviews do the talking. Looking forward to entertaining you folks with Barry Allen's adventure over the years!


Ilan said...

Just read the first two issues of your Flash series.

There is nothing about it that I don't love.

Great work, Francis. I am amazed and delighted.

Michael Husen said...

I was about to say something on this topic. But now i can see that everything on this topic is very amazing and mind blowing, so i have nothing to say here. I am just going through all the topics and being appreciated. Thanks for sharing.