Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Adventure Comics 2

Came out today....I think. With this past Monday being a holiday some stores may have not gotten their shipments yet but some were pretty lucky and got it today. Either way here's a peek at a page from the issue. Also there's been a lot of hubub the last day or so about my moving on to the Flash, let it be said that I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Adventure Comics and wished I was able to do both but unfortunately I can't make a clone of myself. I'm very excited to be drawing the Flash since it's a dream book for me, but it's pretty bitter sweet having to leave Adventures. I really felt, it was a very well suited book for me and my style. Geoff and I enjoyed working on the book imensely, but I'm also looking forward to the challenges The Flash has in store for us. Thanks again folks for keeping tabs on my work really appreciate it!

Even More Con Sketches

Thanks again to everyone who sent me scans or photo's of their sketches!! Keep 'em coming!