Monday, December 21, 2009

Adventure Comics 6 Finale Preview! And more updates!!

Hey folks been ages since I've updated this thing! I've been incredibly swamped with work and my travels. I just wanted to give a big thanks to all those that made the trip to Belgium and France a fantastic experience! Can't say thank you enough to all the organizers and the shop owners for their incredible hospitality!

Anyways back to business! This issue concludes Geoff and I's run on the book with a 30 page long story. It was an amazing ride and we'll sorely miss working on the book. I'll definitely miss
drawing Krypto! Here's a sneak peek at the book which comes out on sale January 13, 2010!


In other news I also contributed to a benefit book for the flood victims in the Philippines called Renaissance. Quite a lot of Pinoy artists contributed to this great book. I'll have a link up when a site for the book is up and running.


Last but not least here is the cover to Flash : Secret Files #1 which comes out March 2010 preceding our launch of The Flash #1 in April. Can't wait for the new year!!!