Monday, May 18, 2009

Wonder Woman 32 Cover

Here's my cover variant for Wonder Woman 32 more info can be found here: DCU Blog Jeremy Roberts did an amazing job with his digital painting over my art, quite happy with the results you can view more of his art here:


Nerites said...


I love the variant cover.
It's getting an amazing response at the DCBoards and also Latin America.


Francis Manapul said...

thats awesome thank you!

Nikki said...

This is my favourite work from you. The colouring really makes it I think

erica said...


One of the best WW renditions I've seen!!

I'd love for DC to consider making you the longterm regular cover artist for WW like Adam Hughes was for Catwoman!!!

Massacremike said...

Wow,Francis! This Wonder Woman is stellar. Nice work. And keep collaborating with his digital painter. Looks like you guys make an incredible team. Love it.