Friday, May 08, 2009

Joe Shuster Awards Poster

Agnes and I got the honor to draw the poster image for this years Joe Shuster Awards. It's a collaboration piece so it was drawn in separate parts which we put together afterwards. I'll post up the final image with her part in it once they release the image. For now this is one of the portions of the poster that I had done. We decided to go with the original designs for Superman to really achieve that retro feel since this image will be a poster within the poster. The background was inspired by Darwyn Cooke's original poster for the awards inaugural year.

Inks with a #2 Escoda brush. The washes were done with Reeves watercolor Ivory black. Colors done in photoshop. I scanned a page from my brown sketchbook and layered it under the image to create that textured look as well as grabbed some aged paper textures from [link] great site for free resources for things like this! I really wanted that old school feel to it so I went very minimal with the color rendering. Pretty happy with the end result. It kinda made me itchy to color more of my work in the future.


arnie said...

sweet... any other words would just be wasted.

peace out

Anderson Menara said...

very, very, beautiful!

Bobby Chiu said...

Looks friggin awesome Francis!