Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adventure Comics #1 Preview!

hey folks here's a preview of the first few pages from Adventure Comics. I drew these last year before I started Superman Batman and I actually drew them as "test pages" with the ink wash style. Hence the brush and pen work with inks rather than just brush which I've fully converted to now. The neat thing about it is that Geoff loved the pages enough to write it into the story as is! So now this is the opening sequence to the book! How much more could I love Geoff for doing this? NOT enough! It was very indicative of how collaborative a writer he is with his artist's so I'm really pumped to be COLLABORATING with him! Anyways more info and the colored versions can be found here at the DCU Blog


Vincent said...

Whaou !
Congratulation Francis !

It's very beautiful !
I'm a french amateur penciller, and your work is very fun !

P.J. Magalhães said...

Absolutely gorgeous!

Nikki said...

I was looking at this on Newsarama and thinking 'god help DC in 30 years when they have to 'Showcase' this' because it just looked like a beautiful painting. It didn't occur to me that you used a black wash first

Federico Distefano said...

Excellent works!