Friday, February 06, 2009

Adventure Comics #1

Looks like it was officially announced today at the New York Comic Con that Geoff Johns and I, along with Brian Buccellato on colours will be the creative team on Adventure Comics beginning this June. More info can be found in this article:

EDIT: here are a couple more interviews about the series. Geoff's thoughts on the book:
and a few words from me about it as well:


Massacremike said...

Congratulations, Francis!!!

I heard you mentioning Geoff's name at the tiny show in Toronto. You must be stoked to work on this project with such an incredible writer!

Once again, congrats, dude.

fjm said...

thanks massacremike! I'm super excited to be working with Geoff!

J.C. Fashion. said...

I'm looking forward to this book so much, i may actually buy the singles instead of trades.