Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Mike Wieringo 1963-2007

Mike was one of my greatest influence as a young artist. Back in my teens I was heavily into the "Image" look, big muscles, heavy on the rendering and heavy on the angst. Then I came across Mikes work on the Flash, which opened my eyes to the "less is more" theory. His work was fun! From there I proceeded to buy everything Mike worked on. His influence on my art needless to say was huge. His art was like a bright light shining through the darkness that was all over the market. When I finally got a chance to meet him, his light shined brighter as I learned how great of a guy he was. I first met him at a small con in Toronto, and he was kind enough to do a sketch of the Flash for me. I also showed him my first work for Top Cow to get his input, and his words were kind and encouraging. He spoke to me like I was one of his peers and welcomed me to the industry. I got a chance to hang out with him again at the first Wizard con in Philly, and it was fantastic just getting a chance to chat with him and pick his brain about art and joke around. We must have sat in that hotel lobby for hours just talking about all sorts of stuff. I'd never forget how he'd call me "franzzeeeeeeesssssss" in an arnold like accent messing around. On the flight home from the con, J. Bone, Arthur De La Cruz and I all agreed that was the hightlight of the weekend. He was a funny guy, a great artist, one of the nicest guys in the industry and an amazing inspiration. His light will continue to burn brightly as it resonates far and wide.

By thy side.



Such a huge loss. I actually thought of you when I read this becuase of how much he's been an influence to you. That's a wonderful sketch. I'll miss him.

Dave Hamann said...

That's a great sketch.

His death has really gotten to a huge part of the comic community.
It's nice to see how many people he's influenced and touched.
A terrible loss for everyone.


I dont think I could say anything different that the above have mentioned; besides he was the nicest guys period. Always helped one in need and always lit the candle to find your inner spark.

Mike you will be missed


j. said...

Hey Francis,
I remember that night well! It really was the highlight of that con. For no reason at all the punchline to a joke Mike told us pops into my head. I don't remember the set the punchline was "Whatcha' doin'? Poopin'?" It pops into my head every now and then and makes me laugh.

Thanks for sharing your memory of that night and for your great tribute drawing. I know how much Mike's art meant to you when you were starting out.