Wednesday, August 01, 2007


Today marks the release of Iron and the Maiden # 1!! I'm really exctied to finally have this hit the stands. I started work on this series about a year ago, and it's been a long road but I feel the entire creative team put forth a pretty damn good book! To celebrate todays release I'll be doing a signing at Paradise Comics today starting at around 4 pm. Drop by if you're in the area! If not be sure to check out Iron and the Maiden # 1 at your local comic store!
edit: more preview images from book 1 can be found here.


Sebs said...

WOW! Great page ! :D

j. said...

Picked it up yesterday, Francis. Fantastic work. Your artwork just keeps getting better and better!

Great seeing you in SD if only briefly :)


Jason Truong said...

Issue #1 was awesome! I'm really looking forward to issue #2 (and the rest of the series)!

Thanks again for the Batgirl sketch.

- Jason

gdeo said...

Francis,I just read #1 and this is a great book.your art is fantastic...I just love it.great job,man.

Roc said...

cant wait to read it. everything i've seen from the title looks imaginative and cool as hell. it looks like everybody involved really put their creativity together and made somethin' great. Fantastic work, man.