Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Seven Guerrieres interior art!

Been a while since I've updated with anything. Work has been kicking my butt as of late with the crazyness that is SDCC approaching pretty much the whole industry is in overdrive. Anyways I have a bit of time tonight to put up an update. Here's a sampling of some interior pages from Seven Guerierres which is being published by Editions-Delcourt in the first half of 2008. I've also included the layouts to show the process work. Normally in "American" comics we don't really put in the word balloons in our layouts, sometimes we don't even have to do layouts at all. However the French graphic novels are done sorta "oldschool". With the balloons drawn traditionally on the original pages. This took some getting used to for me since I'd never done that before. To tell you the truth I found it quite difficult at first. That being said, I've now have a new found respect for letterers. Having now done pages using this process, I started thinking about how I drew my pages back then and thought "man the letterers must hate me!". It's quite a difficult task trying to tell the story and not covering too much of the art. Now I find myself concerned more about balloons placements as I do my layouts. The advantage of doing it this way though, is that not only can I now control how the readers read the story with my panel layouts, I can now also guide them along with my balloon placements. It's almost total control in how I can lead the readers through the story. Now I find myself placing the balloons in my new layouts for "American" publishers even if just for me to see, but at least now whoever is lettering my work will probably not hate me as much. :)


Chris Sims said...

Wonderful pages, Francis!

I always wondered about lettering. I try to be conscious of how much I draw in panels and try to leave "openings" for the word balloons to go but it can be a pretty difficult task.

Maybe I should start laying out pages with the balloons in place to see what I can come up with.

Sebs said...

Those pages rocks ! I can't wait to read that story. I hope you're going to make a "french tour" ;) so that I'll be able to meet one of my fav' comic artist :D

Frank said...

Very interesting, thanks for the insight into how that process works. I also like seeing your layouts and how the finished page compares.


Your are breaking all sorts boundrys with tis one, taking your art into a whole new place! Keep it up. Hope to meet you at Chicago Con


fjm said...

thanks guys! This graphic novel is pushing my storytelling to it's limits! I'm glad that it's working out! And yup I'll be in chicago! see you there sean!