Monday, March 12, 2007


This image was done for the Shuster Awards held once a year at the Paradise Toronto Comic Con. It's part of a larger image which mulitiple artist's contributed to and will be a poster for the show. Snowbird is actually posing with the Pitt, I'll find out if I can post the entire poster here. This was also my first attempt at "digitally" inking my pencils. I think it turned out ok.


Salix said...

It looks nice and clean for digital inking. Did you use a wacom to do that? It'd be cool to see it colored too.


Nice to see you joined blogspot too. I really dig these recent sketches. Nice cover work as well. Good to see you keeping busy.

Alex said...

Whaaaat!? I had to do a double take...looks freakin' amazing as usual, bro!


fjm said...

thanks all!

long time no talk jeremy! was checking out your blog and your stuff is looking good as usual!

and thanks alex!

salix- yeah I used mostly a wacom. but this particular piece since it was a simple solo shot I made sure to make the pencils extra tight so that when I was "digitally inking" it there was minimal work. mostly adjusting the contrast with levels and I just used the brush tool to fill in blacks and solid out some of the lines.

Salix said...

Yeah you did a good job with the tight pencils and digital inking.

I was trying out my Photoshop coloring skills and colored the piece, check it out ;)

aaaokay said...

Very nice! It's great to see Snowbird again. She was one of my favorite Alpha Flighter growing up.