Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Off to the Garden State

A good friend of mine recently moved to Jersey with her fiancee, so a mutual friend of ours suggested that I should create an art piece for her to take back with her that we would all sign. I'm not particularly good with likeness, so I did my best to try and capture her and cheated by adding a few elements such as her snowboard (I actually googled the design and pasted it in :)) and her fave colour which is red be the dominant pallette. I was also trying to go for a sketchy feeel which in all honesty also has a lot to do with my limited coloring skills. The final piece was printed and framed and a whole bunch of us wrote around the frame our "see ya laters". Take care Trina and hope to see you soon!


Salix said...

This came out cool, what did you use to color the picture?

Jonboy! said...

Francis! Hella cool man!

fjm said...

thanks guys,

salix I used photoshop to color the image