Wednesday, July 28, 2010

SDCC, Flash #4, and Beast Legends ep. 04!!!!

Wow what a con! The response to The Flash has been great! Thanks to everyone that made this quite a memorable year! The "How To" panel with Whilce went great the room was packed and was standing room only! The fans were great, thank you all for stopping by my artist alley table it was really great to talk to all of you! Here are a couple of interviews that I did during the con. There are more but I'll edit and post an update as they come in.

Comic Vine Interview with Tony "G-Man"!

Bleedingcool with Rich Johnston (although he's sneaky didn't realize he was already recording :) it's the third interview from the bottom. Also did an interview with the Asian Journal although ignore that headshot of me it seems they digitally gave me a facelift of some sort, my face is beyond recognition ;). Kinda funny actually. Also a correction in the article. I wasn't initially hired as an art director. I was always hired as on camera talent, it just expanded from 6 days of shooting in a limited role, to more than half a year of shooting in a main one. Moving on....

Today the 4th issue of The Flash arrives in stores, and it's quite a fantastic issue! Geoff really pushed the action on this one, and I truly believe that we made the Flash do something I have never seen done before! Very excited for you guys to read the issue!

After you've read your issue of The Flash #4 you can sit back and relax and watch (if you're in Canada) the 4th episode of Beast Legends! In this episode the team travels from Mongolia all the way to Germany to learn more about the Griffin and create one bad ass beast! 10 pm tonight on History Television Canada!

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