Saturday, July 03, 2010

More info on Beast Legends

So as the air date comes closer, a little more info is out there about the show. History Televisions site has episode break downs along with the air dates and time.

Here's how they describe the first episode:

In the remote and unexplored forests of Vietnam, the team hears about the existence of a Wildman - a giant, hairy Beast that has echoes of North America's Bigfoot. A highly-decorated Vietnam Veteran claims to have seen the creature close at hand. The team retraces his steps and encounters a forgotten land where new and hidden species are only now being discovered.

It's looking like after the new episodes air on Wednesday nights at 10 pm, it will be re running the episodes another 4 times that week. Groovy! I guess be prepared to see more of my beastly mug! Apologies in advance ;)

Just found this blog entry from TV writer and jack of all entertainment trades guy Rob Pincombe
Now I know how the connections got made, and why I was emailed out of the blue about the show! I should send this guy a thank you! Or blame him for my sleep deprivation.

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