Thursday, August 20, 2009

Con Sketches

Done with my new favorite con drawing tool, a flat brush along with some brush pens and white out. But mostly flat brush. Love the broad strokes it can do, I can be more expressive with the line work. These were done inside my 2009 art book. I actually found most of these online since I didn't get a chance to take my own photo's. So if you got one of these and can send me a photo, that would be greatly appreciated!


Massacremike said...

Gahhhh. I love your work, but it always makes me and my artwork look gimpy.

Thanks for sharing and inspiring though! Look forward to seeing you with the DC gang at Fan Expo!

ElfGrove Studio said...

I'll send you the Impulse you drew for me once I get home tomorrow.

SajiNoKami said...

oh i like this, the line work is quite expressive.
[geek moment: Go Legion!]

I hope you post the the Impulse
ElfGrove sends.

ElfGrove Studio said...

And here's the Impulse sketch. Thank you again for the fabulous drawing of my favorite speedster.

juand182 said...

Here is the Batman you did at Chicago Comic-con
Thank you for the amazing work!!!!