Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Bad Ass Inks

I got these in my inbox today from Livesay. Even though I'm currently tackling inks and washes on my own I still miss working with Liv. His attention to detail is just insane everytime I got Legion pages back from him there is so much more to see on the original that wasn't printed, so many intricacies in his line work that is totally lost unless you're one of the lucky few to see it full size. Whenever I come to my senses and go back to traditional pencils I know who the first call I'll make to!


Massacremike said...

These are indeed some beautiful pieces, Francis. Gorgeous.

Don't sell yourself too short though, man. Whether inked by Liv or taken from start to finish completely by you, your work is amazing. Was great talking to you at the show on the weekend. Thanks for answering some of my questions about how you do what you do — yeah, I'm the guy with all the questions.

Paul Piceno said...

Wow you are awesome, it is great watch your work!!!
greetings from Mexico
Paul Piceno

fjm said...

hey massacremike thanks! and yeah no worries! glad to have been able to answer questions! and thanks Paul!

Carriertone Studios said...

Yeah, John's inks are even more amazing in person. You really miss a lot on the printed page. I really like your inkwash stuff though. Totally different style than what I've seen you do before. Brilliant!