Thursday, December 04, 2008

Commissions set 2


Massacremike said...

Hey Francis, thanks for sharing these! They are really awesome. In your comments on the first set of postings you seem to indicate that you're doing these rigth from scratch with ink and brush. Is that true, or are you at least sketching in pencil a bit first.

Also, on average, how long do each of these commissions take you? Just curious, one artist to another.


Fabio... said...

Your art improves day by day. I'm waiting here in Italythe your "seven" (sept/sette)

Howard Shum said...

Nice commissions!

Sebastien said...

Great drawings Manapul! Your drawings looks better than ever.

ike said...

hi fjm,

darna and captain barbel in outer space. awesome! ^_^

by the way, is there any way to buy original art from you directly?