Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Legion 48 preview

The book should be out on the stands today so here's a little sampling. At the moment I'm currently finishing up the last couple pages of my last issue so it's bittersweet. I am excited about whats to come next as I will be doing inks and wash for my next project. A bit nervous about it but with the overwhelming support from DC and my forthcoming collaborator I've never been more eager to start!


Mark said...

Man Francis, I am going to miss you on this book. These pages look fantastic. I can't wait to get my copy of this issue.

I can't wait to find out what your next book is. Whatever it is, I know I'll already want it.

RAB said...

What Mark said.

Night Girl has always been a problematic character in that while we've been told (for the past forty-five years) she has super-strength in the dark, she was always drawn as slight and rarely doing anything to indicate her supposed power. In just two pages here, you managed to make her seem more formidable than she ever has before: not just her build, but the way she plows into Ultra Boy really makes her seem like someone to reckon with.

DC is losing out on a book that was only getting better, I tell you what.

Thony Silas said...


Eu aprecio seu trabalho a pouco e é sem dpuvida maravilhoso Francis!

Muito Bom!

Thony Silas

Francis Vallejo said...

solid art, and even more solid name!!!!

cheers..haha...looking forward to updates!