Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wolverine Art Process

This was done at this past Chicago con for super art collector Dan. It was a lotta fun drawing on a big piece of paper. I was able to be a lot more free flowing with the brush. Here is the finished version. Unfortunately this was the best shot I had.


Chris Sims said...

I was at a table across form you watching you do this. NICE!

I don't know if you remember me, but I bought an original Necromancer page and you gave me the sketchbook with the Hellboy sketch.

Thanks again!


That is badass!

fjm said...

hey chris thanks! yeah I remember! you and your girlfriend were to right of the iron man helmet right? Thanks again for picking those pieces up!

Bobby Chiu said...

So cool to see the progress shots!

adriana said...

jesus christ, man!!! your steps look like "step one: draw something badass step two: proceed to make it even more badass step three: done"

Dan szilagyi said...

WOW that just rocked my socks off man! very awesome!
i'm glad you took the time to show a little bit of process into how you did this piece.

great job


Gina Ann said...

heyy this is kind of weird.. but i'm lookin for someone with the manapul last name.. i know there aren't that many manapuls, so there could be a sllllight chance of you knowing him or at least knowing of him. i was wondering if u wouldn't mind emailing me? please, i'm really looking for this person... my email is

btw, there are a lot of people who admire your work... good job :)

Massacremike said...

Francis - big fan of your art and this piece is no exception - AWESOME.

Love seeing hte process too - informative.

One question - what are you using to do the white accents in your pieces and in particular Wolvies white claws in this piece and the Wolvie vs. Hulk piece from several posts back.

Hope to hear back - CHEERS!