Thursday, June 05, 2008

Vancouver Con Sketches

Vancouver was great! Agnes and I had an awesome time there, we got to see and do a lotta things and the weather was great! (last time I was there it rained all weekend) Much thanks goes out to Leonard for bringing us over and for his great hospitality! Anyways here are some sketches I did at the con. Thanks to all those that came out! Oh and thanks Diana for the cool sketch!


Dave Hamann said...

Still the best Death next to Bachalo.

Jum said...

I like it !!!

Thony Silas said...

I must say I am impressed with his work.
I met a short time and I will not stop visiting this blog.
Very good work and its influence me much your dash. is dynamic, synthetic ... very rich in qualities!
Very good even Francis! Cordials Greetings,
Thony Silas
Recife, Brazil

Brian said...

Hey are you selling or is there a way to get your sketch books from the Vancouver Con?