Sunday, May 18, 2008

7 Guerrières Release Date and Preview

May 21st, 2008 will be the release date in France. I know it's already been translated for an Italian edition, but I'm not sure when that will come out or any other translations for that matter. Check out the Editions Delcourt website for a 7 page preview! (click on the arrow under the cover image to see interior pages) Once all the books are out you can put all seven of the books into this awesome slip case. They did a fantastic job designing this thing and I'm really humbled to have been a part of it!


Cap A said...

Hi Francis,

i'm a Belgian fan of comics, who also post some chronicles for an internet site on some new released books. I just finish to read your "Witchblade" (published by Delcourt). Wow, it's great art; I'll post my very positive comments soon. I'm a fan of the series "SEPT" ans I'm already sure your "Sept guerrières" will be a great addition to this series.
I'd liek to have a contact with you, but I cannot access your internet site. Could you please drop me a line. Thanks in advance. DOMINIQUE

fjm said...

thanks Dominique, I'm glad you liked the book! Sorry about my site but it's kind of a mess right now. I can be reached at you can also view more of my work at

Tyler said...

Dude! Beautiful, congratulations. I was just checking out the 7 page preview and two thoughts-- a. you drew titties(!) b. the colors turned out really great and compliment your pages well. Looks great man.