Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Legion 38

Wow been a while since I last updated. After the holidays I came down with a really bad flu which took a few days to recover. Needless to say I lost quite a few days from work which I've been working hard to try and get back on track. Anyways issue 38 of the Legion should be out this Wednesday and I wanted to post a preview. I don't think I'll be doing a panel a day like I did for 37 without spoiling the story so I'll be going back to posting previews here and there. Also I recently did a Studio Tour article over at CBR , so if you're interested in checking out my work area head on over.


Kevin said...

Those are some fantastic pages, love the little details on the creatures armour. I wish this could be printed as the pages are now, it really gives the viewer some insight into your process.

Chris Sims said...

Amazing pages, I've always loved your pencil work and this just proves why!

Mark said...

Who needs colors when you got pencils like this. Awesome stuff man.

massacremike said...

Amazing alien city / world. Myself, I always find giant city scapes and alien worlds like that to be a rather daunting to draw. I'm just wondering how you approach it? What sort of inspiration or reference do you look to (if any)? Basically, what's your process when you have to attack something like that?

Dan szilagyi said...

Hey man,
AWESOME WORK can't say anything else really, i really liked your work in iron and the maiden as well.
keep at it!

fjm said...

thanks guys!
mike, for inspiration... it's kinda all over the place. I actually have this book from Time magazine called Great Buildings of the World, which feature some of the worlds most unique architecture. I was most inspired by the Burj al-Arab Tower hotel, and using that as my basis, I tried to think along that design and expand on a city that would look to be designed by the same architect. Aside from that lots of movies. As for all the desctruction and rubble, that's begun to come second hand, I really enjoy drawing rocks and broken down buildings it really lends itself well for some interesting textures and renderinng.