Monday, November 19, 2007

Legion 39 cover step by step..

Hey guys and gals long time no post, I've been neck deep in work as of late. But first of I'd just like to say thanks to those that voted for me in the Iron Chef event. We kept it close! thanks!!! Now on to the posting. Here's the cover to issue 39 of Legion of Super-Heroes, from the layout stage to the colors.

First is the layout stage. I decided to add some gray tones in photoshop because the impact of this particular cover would be in the lighting, I wanted to make it clear to my editor what my intention would be for the final product.

Below is the pencil stage. I was playing around with different leads (2B) for this particular cover which I found a bit too soft and smudgy, but I ran with it.

John Livesay layed over his awesome inks on this one. He really cleaned up my linework and did an AMAZING job on the rendering!

Last but not least, colors by my long time coloring compadre, Brian Booch. Another kick ass job!

And that's how this cover came about !


Barak said...

I think the pencils are the best. The inks are nice but those colors are just way to flat for my taste. Nice job though, I love seeing new stuff from you!

marco's blog said...

woah...i love the old school feel on the inks, and thanks for posting your layout process!!

Dave Hamann said...

That was cool posting your progress and all. It's always really interesting to see the different possibilities and creative process.

You're actually gonna get me to buy a DC book.

Sebs said...

Amazing work ! :)