Sunday, October 28, 2007

Me vs. Jim Lee!

As many of you know I've participated in numerous art battles over at and so far I've been lucky enough to have a record of 3 and 0, but I think thats about to change. Not to sound down on myself but I'm going up against the grand daddy of them all Mr. Jim Lee. I kinda feel like a the student going up against the master, as daunting as it is I'm looking forward to it! The cover I've posted here was the first comic I ever bought for myself as a kid, and to say this book was a turning point of my youth is an understatment. When I saw the art in that book I got this overwhelming feeling that this is what I wanted to do when I "grew up". I always had been a reader of comics when I was younger but it was Jim's art that opened my eyes into this artistic endeavour. His art just poped out at me, it demanded attention. So join me next week when it all goes down! You can hop on over to and post your suggestions for the subject matter and to vote for your favourite piece. Be there or be square!



Tyler said...

Just remember Jim's going to cheese you with some fancy inks effects for the extra 'gee-whiz' factor so you better bring the big guns! Fight the power Francy, you're takin down Wildstorm single handed!

To said...

No worries Francis, just take another shot of something. You got this!