Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sept Guerrieres Update!

Here's some more previews from my forthcoming graphic novel for Editions-Delcourt . I'm about 2/3rd's of the way to completion, so the end of the tunnel is getting closer! Right now there's only plans to publish it in France but it has already received orders for translation in Italian so hopefully it will reach our shores as well.


Sebs said...

Oh man! This is going to be really good ! :D
Do you know who is going to be the colorist, by the way ? (if their is any...)

Frank said...

I certainly hope this makes it to the States, your work is stunning so far. Please continue to post these updates!

azhar said...

Hi Francis,

notice ur work on newsarama..on Legion article with Jim Shooter..

and i was amazed and automatically i'm your numero uno fan!

it seems that you are already a pro in comic scene... congrats!

wish i can learn to draw like you...even your pencil sketches are detail...

feel free to drop by my blog and comment on my artwrk..

i'm an aspiring comic artist myself and 1/3 also in publishing my graphic novel here in Malaysia..

Pedro said...

The usual publisher for Delcourt albuns in the US is Archaia Studios. You can always ask them...

I'll buy it in french, like the first book (Seven Psychos, drawn by Sean Phillips). It's good to live in Europe!

Hunter (Pedro Bouça)

dan szilagyi said...

I love your work on iron and the maiden! its such a great book so far, you have such amazing work that i can't eve begin to mention, please keep it up!
can't wait for the next issue of iron and the maiden!

Gil Formosa said...

Hi Francis,
it's Michaêl who gave me your blog address !
Really nice sketches.
Good luck for your " 7 Guerrières"

Best from France

Todd Michael Rogers said...

Oh man, these are great!