Monday, September 10, 2007

Introducing Jim Shooter

I'm a little late in posting this but better late than never. It was recently announced that I'll be work with the Legendary Jim Shooter on The Legion of Superheroes which begins with issue 37. I'm really excited to be working with a man of such accomplishment. Needless to say I'll have to step my game up :) More info can be found at Newsarama.


Mana said...

Whossa- these legion sketches are awesome!! Great styles and characters!

ryan cody said...

Those are fantastic, I'll be looking for your run.

Jim Higgins said...

Wonderful Legion designs and art in general. You've got terrific skills and seem able to draw anything plus your storytelling is just swell. I'm a long-time Legion fan (and former DC assistant editor and editor) and you've definitely got the characters down. Looking forward to your art on the Legion in the future!

(I just hope that Shooter can write contemporary dialogue and solid stories.)