Thursday, June 21, 2007

Iron and the Maiden #1 Preview!!

Over at Newsarama is a preview of issue 1. Also at this past Wizard World Philly was a special advance copy of Iron and the Maiden #0 which went over pretty well with the Aspen fans. Hopefully this is a good indication to a strong start for the book because we all have pretty high hopes for it. Again "IRON DAY" is August 1st be sure to get your retailers to get you a copy! Here's an early drawing of Iron, I was still figuring out my take on the character but at the same time trying to stay true to Joe Mad's designs. Hopefully I was able to accomplish both.


Chris Sims said...

The art for those previews is golden. This series looks like it's gonna be fun!

trialsze said...

This is a cool lookin character. Good stuff. I can't wait to get the book.