Monday, February 26, 2007

G.I Joe: Special Missions Antartica

I thought I might show another peak at the process of how I create my covers. First I talked to the editor about what he's looking for with regards to the layout. He wanted Snake-Eyes, Scarlett, and Snowjob to be overwhelmed by Crimson Guards. I took the idea and put them on a sloped mountain to give the cover motion and make it more dynamic. Usually I'll draw small thumbnails just to get the motion and shape of the cover. They're pretty small and hard to read, I then draw my layout on an 11x17 copy paper. I used to draw it on normal copy size paper but found that I wasted too much time running to make copies to enlarge it so I started doing my layouts large size.
From here I transfer the layout onto my art board using my light table. Unfortunately I didn't get a scan of the pencils, so here's a scan of my "inks". I basically just used brush markers, and regular tip markers.

Once that's done I did some ink washes for shading and other cool effects. I basically just watered down regular india ink and used a brush. I also have white ink which I dipped a tooth brush in to create the snow effect, and the cover's done!

And here's the final colors by Brian Buccelatto!!


Nando said...

That's pretty freaking cool dude

fjm said...

thanks glad you dig!